Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moses, Kobe Bryant & Timmy Hardaway

What do Moses, Kobe Bryant and former Golden State Warrior Tim Hardaway have in common?
Answer:  A Killer Crossover (at least the Egyptian army thought so)

Exodus 14:21-23 recount how Moses led 2 million Israelites across the Red Sea and how the sea closed behind them killing Pharaoh's army.

I had a conversation with a critic of the Bible about half-a-year ago who cited the common objection that Israel crossed the sea at low tide when the water was only a few inches high.  My response was "Then there must have been an even greater miracle for God to make the whole Egyptian army drown in a few inches of water."  (I always heard that response in books and sermons, never thought I'd get to use it).

Is this story just a my or something made legendary through the movies?  Is there any evidence outside of the Bible that this really occurred?  Critics since the time of Josephus have proposed alternatives - a lake at low tide, volcanic action with air waves causing the plagues and Red Sea separation or I've even heard someone propose that Pharaoh went through the wrong sea.

14:21 informs us that God called a strong wind from the East all night long that separated the waters and made the land dry (not muddy).  This wind was supernatural with a certain start and finish time.  It would require an unusual strength to pull back deep water and a specific location for the wind to split two sides of water without perilously injuring the 2 million awe-struck Israelites.  15:8 tells us that the waters "piled up" and "stood up like a heap."  The conclusion was also miraculously timed to destroy the Egyptian army in this "Killer Crossover."

Discovery Channel cites Carl Drews, a researcher for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, who "found that a steady 63-mile-per-hour (100-kilometer-per-hour) wind over a digitally reconstructed east-west running lake at the Mediterranean end of the Nile, near today's Port Said, would push the water west to the far end of the lake, as well as south, up the river."  (

Do we know where this crossing actually took place?  No one really knows for sure.  But Ron Wyatt suggests it was at the Northern end of the Suez Canal (Northern portion of Red Sea) because he found evidence of Egyptian chariots ( Wyatt compared these chariot spokes to ancient paintings of Egyptian chariots and this Egyptian Chariot in the Museum of Cairo.  John J. Davis writes:  "One difficulty with this viewpoint is that they would not have entered the wilderness of Shur from the Red Sea which is the information given in Exodus 15:22."  (Moses And The Gods Of Egypt, Baker, 1971, p. 168).  But the arguments and archaeological evidence has gained new legs with some interesting research:
(  It's hard to be dogmatic, but it is fascinating.

What we do know for sure is that God led Moses with a killer crossover that saved Israel and drowned a mighty army.  Score:  God - 11, Egypt - 0.
Chariot from:  (

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