Monday, January 24, 2011

Entering Exodus

As we enter the book of exits (Exodus), here are some wonderful outlines to give us an overview:

Moses’ Life In Summary
The Prince Of Egypt
(Exodus 2:1-15)
The Shepherd Of Midian
(Exodus 2:16 – 4:31)
The Shepherd Of Israel
(Exodus 5 – Deuteronomy 34)
·  Adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter
·  Studies Egyptian knowledge
·  Slays Egyptian taskmaster
·  Flees to Midian
·  Marries into Jethro’s family
·  Watches Jethro’s flocks
·  Encountered God at burning bush
·  Departs for Egypt
·  Leads Exodus from Egypt
·  Receives the Law at Sinai
·  Constructs Tabernacle
·  Leads in the Wilderness
·  Preaches and dies in Moab
40 Years of Luxury
40 Years of Exile
40 Years of Leadership
1525 – 1485 B.C.
(Birth – 40 years)
1485 – 1445 B.C.
(40-80 years)
1445 – 1405 B.C.
(80-120 years)
(Bruce H. Wilkinson & Larry Libby, Talk Thru Bible Personalities, Walk Thru The Bible Ministries, 1983, pp. 26-27)

F.B. Meyer (A Devotional Commentary On Exodus, Kregel, 1978, p. 11):
  • Redemption (1-15)
  • Consecration (16-24)
  • Worship (25-40)

Part I
1         Flourishing under affliction in bondage
2         The birth of the deliverer and his presumption
3         The call and commission of the deliverer–I AM (WITH YOU)
Part II
4         Convincing the deliverer of the mission
5         Presentation of the message and rejection
6         Confirmation of the promise–I AM (WITH YOU)
Part II
7-11 Victory over Egypt through might works
12         The passover and the exodus
13         The redemption of the firstborn
13         Leading the people out of bondage–PILLAR AND CLOUD
Part IV
14         Crossing the sea and the destruction of Egypt
15         The song of the victory at the sea
15-17 Provision of water and food in the wilderness
17         Defense of Israel in war
18         Provision of elders for decisions
19         Meeting with God at Sinai–EPIPHANY ON THE MOUNTAIN
Part V
20         The Law: the Words
21-23 The Law: the Decisions
24         The ratification of the covenant–VISION OF GOD OF GLORY
Part VI
25-31 Instructions for making the place of worship
32         Disloyalty to God with the golden calf
33-34 New tablets and new manifestation–VISION OF THE GLORY
Part VII
35-39 The building of the place of worship
40         Completion of the work–VISION OF THE PRESENT GLORY

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