Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Life And Rhymes Of Moses And Exodus

The book of Exodus fast forwards us over 400 after Joseph settled his family in Egypt.  About this second book of the Bible:

·      Author – Moses
·      Time – Between 1445 – 1405 BC (during Wilderness Wandering)
·      Purpose:
o   To show God’s faithfulness by delivering His promised nation from slavery to the Promised Land
o   To prefigure Christ with the Passover Lamb
o   To show how God overcomes sin to bring people to His presence
·      Theme:  Redemption and Deliverance
o   Passover Lamb, Red Sea

Here's an overview of Exodus in rhyme:
1a  There was a new Pharaoh who didn’t know Joe, he made the Jews slaves in a hard way to go
1b  Pharaoh wanted to bring baby boy population to zero, the midwives said no and each was a hero
2a  The Jews were oppressed and needed a Deliverer, God sent Moses as a baby to be found in the River, er
Moses speaks to a Bush
2b  Moses was raised in the palace of Pharaoh, but defended a Hebrew and then had to go
2c  Moses went to Midian to escape the strife, it was there where Zipporah would become his wife
3    God called Moses through a bush that burned, to bring a message to Pharaoh that would be spurned

4    God affirmed Moses through his struggle with doubt, he brought along Aaron to bring Israel out 
5    Pharoah’s punishment he made thick and wouldn’t let Jews use straw for their brick
6    The message was strong with miracles in stow, Pharaoh must let God’s people go
7a  If you thought Pharaoh would be convinced with one take, he would scoff when they replicated the snake
7b  But God would prove that He is not a dud, He turned the river into blood
8    Stubborn Pharaoh wouldn’t bat his eyes, so God hit him with frogs, lice & flies
9    The resolve of Pharaoh still would fail, so God hit cows, boiled skin and sent hail
10  Pharoah’s gear still was set in “Park” so God sent locusts and made the sky dark
11  To let the Pharaoh know God had won, God took the Pharaoh’s first born son
12  God proved He is the great I am and preserved His People with a Passover Lamb 
13  Israel would remember through Passover & bread, then by pillars of cloud and fire God led
14  God brought 2 million Hebrews through the Red Sea, then closed the path on Egypt’s army
15  Moses sang a song of how through God they beat, the when they were thirsty God made bitter water sweet
16  Israel griped missing their meat and banana, so God supplied from heaven their manna 
17  Israel griped of dehydration, God would give water through a rock to a nation
18  Moses burned out with a heavy mandate, his father-in-law told him to delegate
19-24 The nation needed order as they started to flaw, up at Mt. Sinai Moses received God’s law 
25-31 Remembering God’s faithfulness is recorded in story, the Tabernacle was built to give God the glory
32  Moses was up on the mountain too long, Israel went pagan and worship went wrong
33  To have judged Israel right then would have been fair, but in His mercy He promised He would be there
34  Moses refashioned the tablets anew, Israel promised that they would be true
35-40  So construction would not become a debacle, God gave instructions for the Tabernacle

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