Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Joshua Jive - A Rhyming Survey

Was Joshua the first orphan of the Bible because he was the "Son of Nun"? We do know he was born a Hebrew slave in Egypt, belonged to the tribe of Ephraim, and served as a soldier and spy.  He was about 85 years old (according to tradition) when he replaced Moses and led Israel into the Promised Land between 1405 BC to 1385 BC.  The conquest took about 7 years and Joshua would serve the 12 tribes until his death at 110 years of age (Josh 24:29).

Joshua's name means "God is salvation" and is the basis for Jesus' name.  Like Jesus, Joshua defeated enemies and led the people to a place of promise (Josh 1:15); Joshua gave rest to his people (Heb 4:8) and dispersed God's inheritance (Eph 1:11).

Ch 1a    
With Moses dead there was leadership transition, Joshua was elevated to his position.

Ch 1b     Joshua was apprehensive, overwhelmed he just might fold, God promised him His presence so Joshua would be bold.
Ch 2 Joshua sent two men to Jericho, the land they were to spy. Rahab had protected them even though she had to lie.

Ch 3a From the wilderness, Israel shifted out of “Park,” when crossing across the Jordon Israel would follow the Ark.
Ch 3b Now to enter Canaan where the Promised Land God would deliver, Joshua led the millions miraculously across the River.

Ch 4       Joshua went to each of twelve tribes to ask them for one member, to each take a stone from the midst of the Jordan so Israel will remember.
Ch 5a     God’s covenant with Abraham would also be memorialized by asking the men to be circumcised.
Ch 5b     God’s Commander appeared to Joshua to tell him Israel won’t lose, because this Man was God Himself Joshua took off his shoes.
Ch 6       Jericho was an imposing city buttressed by a surrounding wall, Israel would march around for 7 days in order for the wall to fall.
Ch 7a     Not everything was as easy as pie, Israel lost some men in the defeat at Ai.
Ch 7b When avenging Ai, no accursed thing was to be taken, but someone didn’t listen and the Lord judged covetous Achan.
Ch 8       Joshua was instructed to hold his spear up high, this demonstrated that it was God that helped them defeat Ai.
Ch 9       The Gibeonites feared Israel so they approached them in disguise, to make a treaty of protection though it would be based on lies. 
But Israel forgot to ask of God His counsel as they should, so oath-bound Israel spared them and made them carriers of water and wood.
Ch 10a   Adoni-zedek, King of Jerusalem, asked for help in his strategy, they attacked the Gibeonites hoping Israel would flee.
Ch 10b   But Joshua rescued Gibeon when God would send down hail, thus the plot of Adoni-zedek would be described as “FAIL.”
Ch 10c   In defeating the Amorites God would exert His will, He showed Him He was sovereign by making the sun stand still.
Ch 10d   The Amorite kings were executed, all other enemies shut their mouth (v. 21), Joshua went to lead Israel to clear the rest of the South

Ch 11     Joshua led on Israel through Canaan they went forth, after clearing the middle and South, they would go conquer the North.
Ch 12     The list of kings defeated by Moses and Joshua in Canaan, was historicized in Scripture so Israel would remember God was faithful again.
Ch 13     More land was to be conquered and the Philistines defied, then tribal land was specified.
Ch 14     God took care of Joseph’s family, and with Hebron Caleb was blessed, now the land was free from war and Israel was at rest.
Ch 15-16    Judah received its portion in a manner just the same, then the time for land assignment went to Ephraim.
Ch 17-19    Land was given to Manasseh and the other tribes, that’s the contents of these chapters and what it describes.
Ch 20     If a murder happened suspicions might fall on a man without justice due, Cities of Refuge were established to protect one as they flew.
Ch 21     Taking care of priests was not something to deny, God would give some cities to the tribe of Levi.
Ch 22     An alternative place of worship built by Manessah brought loyalty divides, Phinehas was sent to make sure people won’t take sides.
Ch 23     Joshua, when dying, gave his final speech, be faithful to the Lord was what Joshua did beseech.
Ch 24     Israel made a covenant at Shechem that their families would follow God, Joshua died and with Joseph’s bones were buried in the sod.

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