Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do Deuteronomy - A Rhyming Survey

The fifth book of the Bible is first in impact on the rest of Scripture.  Louis Goldberg states: “Deuteronomy has a greater impact on the Old and New Testaments than any other book of the Bible."  (Deuteronomy, p. 9).  Eugene Merrill points out that it is "the heart of the Old Testament theological witness."  (Deuteronomy: New American Commentary).  The Hebrew title for this book is "these are the words."  But the name used in our English Bible comes from the meaning of "retelling the law."  Moses reemphasized the law to remind Israel of God's faithfulness and the need for them to be obedient to God's law as they prepare to enter the Promised Land.

Ch 1           As Israel finally neared the Promise Land entrance, they were reminded of their faithless obstinance.
Ch 2-3a      To calm Israel’s anticipatory fears, God’s faithfulness is recounted in the wilderness years.
Ch 3b         The Promised Land was determined by its border, Moses couldn’t enter because of divine order.
Ch 4           The temptation of idols in Canaan will expose many a flaw, thus Israel was warned to adhere to God’s law.
Ch 5           Reiteration of God’s Top 10 stressed the importance of commandments, God also highlighted the presentation with voice, fire, cloud and dark accompaniments.
Ch 6           The commandments were not given by a cruel despot from above, the law detailed an obedience to show the Lord our love.
Ch 7           When entering into Canaan, every idol’s to be destroyed, then upon obedience, God’s blessings would be deployed.
Ch 8           By remembering the past, you know that God is near.  So when you look forward to the future there is no need to fear.
Ch 9           Remembering the rebellion and why Moses prayed, only by God’s mercy was their punishment delayed.
Ch 10         Written on the tablets, what’s so important ‘bout rules?  Because failure to fear and follow God would make us look like fools.
Ch 11         Obedience or failure was Israel’s simple caution, results were either to enjoy God’s blessing or face the cursing option.
Ch 12         Worshipping God solely was prescribed as Israel’s way, they were to go and destroy every Canaanite idol tray.
Ch 13         There will come miracle working prophets who entice another path, follow only the Word of God and avoid God’s wrath.
Ch 14         What to eat, how to give, even instructions on mourning.  Everything is per God’s instruction – that is His loving warning.
Ch 15         Debts were forgiven on every seventh year, even go to help the poor and give servants a cheer.
Ch 16         Instruction on the Passover, Feast of Weeks and Tabernacles; then God gave the basis for justice and when to put people in shackles.
Ch 17         Justice involved recompense and a blood offering, the next part of the chapter gave the instructions for a king.
Ch 18         Priests and Levites would be meted out their portion, then there were rules to avoid magical distortion.
Ch 19         Innocent till proven guilty would protect a stooge, those involved in murder could wait in the Cities of Refuge.
Ch 20         God will fight our battles so fear nothing that is livin’, now fight for and possess what God has graciously given.
Ch 21         Rules were given to conduct a murder investigation and also for foreigner integration.
Ch 22         More laws were given for Israel’s security, and even more laws for sexual purity.
Ch 23         Rules also governed who would be in the congregation and for the army when warring against a nation.
Ch 24         In certain situations God would permit divorce, God also protected victims because He’s merciful, of course!
Ch 25         How to mediate conflicts and the penalty that crimes carry, also when a husband dies his brother the widow should marry.
Ch 26         When living in the Promised Land full of milk and honey, give God your firstfruits from your harvest and your money.
Ch 27a       Commandments were reprinted on large stones whitewashed with lime, they shall be preserved for generations all throughout their time.
Ch 27b       Before the tribes of Israel Moses gives us some more verses, these would all be negative because they contained His curses.
Ch 28         But only when you disobey would lives become big messes, as long as we would obey God your life is what He blesses.
Ch 29         A covenant for servants with the Big Boss you see, failure to heed it is considered apostasy.
Ch 30         Even if you fail, that doesn’t mean you’re going to burn, God opens His arms to the repentant whom to their God return.
Ch 31         Joshua gets appointed to be Israel’s new head, a replacement was now necessary because Moses will be dead.
Ch 32         Remembering that God was right and what Israel did wrong was the subject of the lyrics of Moses’ famous song.

Ch 33         Moses gave final blessings to each individual tribe, “God would be good to them” is what Moses did describe.
Ch 34         After Moses gave his final words up there on ol’ Mt. Nebo, Moses died and then was mourned by his appreciative people.

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