Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Living La Vida Leviticus (in rhyme)

The 3rd book of Moses is titled after that which pertains to the Levite tribe (sons of Levi - it's in the genes - Levi genes).

Bill T. Arnold & Bryan E. Beyer: “Leviticus is one of the most neglected books of the Bible. This is true for two main reasons. First, the book seems quite strange to modern readers. The sacrificial worship it describes is so far removed from today’s believers that its very unfamiliarity prevents some from reading Leviticus. Second, Leviticus appears at first glance to interrupt the flow of events in the story of God’s people" …  “Yet Leviticus plays an essential role in God’s word and makes a vital contribution to our understanding of God’s relationship with humankind.” (Encountering The Old Testament, Baker Books, 1999, p. 118)

I told myself I wouldn't rhyme Leviticus, after surveying Genesis & Exodus in poem.  But I couldn't help myself (even after I taught the Leviticus class last week without it).

Ch 1-7        Before a holy God men falter, so 5 types of offerings went to the alter.
Ch 8-10      Priestly duties the Levite tribe would share in, the special duties went to the family of Aaron
Ch 10a       Nadab & Abihu bent priestly rules with coals from a strange fire, the consequences for Aaron’s sons were extremely dire.
Ch 11         Being ceremonially pure included what you eat, no pork, no reptiles or animals with uncloven feet.
Ch 12-15    Other laws for purity dealt with birth and leprosy, to be clean before you serve God takes seriously.
Ch 16         Once a year Yom Kippor is of note,
                   The High Priest goes to the Ark pure from head to coat,
                   Two goats are subject to a casting lot vote,
                   One animal’s sacrificed, the other a scapegoat.
Ch 17-20    Various laws of holiness govern how we relate, by this holiness is defined because God says separate
Ch 21-22    Priests had certain rules on what they must abstain, don’t touch the dead, bad girls, or shave and don’t be in open pain.
Ch 23         Israel remembers God through numerous a feast, Passover, Pentecost and Bread without yeast.
Ch 24         A man from Dan with got heated and cursed out with God’s name, Blasphemy & murder are punished by death, God isn’t playing a game.
Ch 25         What God prescribed was agriculturally best, after farming six years give the land a year rest.
Ch 26         God would bless you if He found that you were obedient, To rebel against His holiness wouldn’t be expedient.
Ch 27         You better think through and carry out whatever you may vow, God takes it seriously and to flake you’ll get a “Pow!”

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